7 Best Cities for Foodies 2016

When it comes to travel, many of us are thinking about the best beaches, hiking trails, and four-star resorts. But many of us also want to check out the city’s best food spots and where to get some great food. From the most unique dishes to the best home-style eateries, these cities were ranked the 10 cities that are ultimately craved worthy. These standout cities are constantly busy with long-waited lines and delicious eats.

Here are the best cities for Foodies.

Houston, Texas

Dubbed as one of the top destinations for business travel, the city of Houston was ranked as number one in the best burgers, brunch and specialty food shops of the country. Check out Revival Market where you can find the local gourmands stock on charcuterie, artisanal cheeses, jams and house-made pickles.

Houston is also known for their old-school mustard big boys at Lankford Grocery and the three-ounce sliders at Little Bigs in the Museum District. Dak & Bop is also a popular eatery as the Korean-style fried chicken with spicy sauces is amazingly paired with blackberry Chili margaritas.

New York City, New York

As Big Apple is ranked as the most expensive city in the country, there are two types of cuisine favorites for the locals – pizza and fine dining. Head to the lower east side and check for Dirty French in the Ludlow Hotel. Here you will experience the global twists on classic dishes like duck an orange with Moroccan spices or the James Beard winner Andrew Carmellini, Little Park, the locavore at Smyth Hotel.

To indulge in the Pizza craze, check our Marta in the Martha Washington Hotel, where you will find a classic Roman-style pizza or a veggie-lover’s Cavolini – topped with cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, and pickled chili.

Providence, Rhode Island

Providence is known for its pedestrian-friendly streets as the Rhode Island capital contains several top-ranked street food like thee local “grilled” pizza at Bacaro in downtown. The city is also famed for its top bakery, the Scialo Brothers Bakery, which opened in 1916. The bakery is famed for its sfogliatelle, a seashell shaped cookie with layers of sweet cream and dough.

Be sure to check out the town’s legendary street food, Haven Brothers. They serve lobster rolls, shakes and fries until four in the morning!

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is known of also being on trend – whether it be fashion, music or food. The Angelenos are ranked for being hot and fashionable as well as the many food spots located all over town. You can visit the iconic Chinatown and enjoy the authentic noodles at Ramen Champ, rice bowls and Chego and Scoops artisanal ice cream.

Los Angeles is known for their fancy burger craves, but they still stay true to their roots of charbroiled burgers at Cassell’s Hamburgers – the original 1950’s Hotel Normandie.

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is highly ranked for Southern diners like the upscale Buckhead Diner, which serves Kobe beef hot dogs, veal and mushroom meatloaf, and Niman Ranch pork chops. The city is also highly ranked for their modern food halls like the Cockentrice at Krog Street Market and Xocolatl – the city’s best small-batch chocolates. Mary Mac’s Tea Room is a long-time favorite since 1945. The tea room also offers back rubs at your table.

Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland offers rich food halls with old-fashioned charm. Today, you can enjoy baked goods, delis, and spices at the West Side Market that’s been around since 1912. You can find Polish delicacies like bratwursts, chicken paprikash, stuffed cabbage, and pirogues at Sokolowski’s University Inn. The Inn is a classic award-winner in its third generation of ownership.

Cleveland is known for its trendy bars and street food like Happy Dog, where only there you will find Bloody Mary Ketchup and vodka sauerkraut. You can also dine at the upscale spot like Lola Bistro, ran by Iron Chef Michael Symon.

Chicago, Illinois

When any foodie asks about the food spots in Chicago, the iconic deep-dish pizza is always the number one must-eat when in the windy city. They say the best deep-dish pizzas can be found at Pizano’s. Keep in mind there are other highly ranked diners like the James Beard Award winner Chef Paul Kahan’s Dove’s Luncheonette, where you can find Southern buttermilk friend chicken with a Mexican twist of chorizo-verde gravy.

Chicago is also popular for pickling as places like Big Jones and Owen and Engine are famed pickle-tasting plates. Check out the Brass Monkey in the Fulton Market District and enjoy the 70s kitsch with Harvey Wallbangers.

Can you recommend your favorite food spots in the country? Comment below and let us know!

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