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FAA Tips on Flying with Children


find out more on how you can keep your little ones safe while flying. Learn about the importance of using a child restraint system and why it’s safer than holding your child in your lap. most airlines may even offer discounts for children under the age of two.


find out more useful information with MapQuest. You can find detailed maps, driving directions and other various links for travel.

Trip Advisor

check out Trip Advisor for more tips and information about counties and cities all over the world. Here you will find reviews on hotels, restaurants, and things to do.

U.S. Tourism Directory and Vacation Guide

find out more about your travel and locations with this comprehensive website that includes travel information for the United States and more. You can find great promos on hotels, airlines, car rentals and more.

Lonely Planet

Plan your U.S. trip with expert advice, destination tips and information and other related features from Lonely Planet. Here you will find all the top must-sees in the cities and where to go.

Visit the USA

Find all the top must-sees and more inspirational guides to help you plan the ultimate vacation.

Check out these useful sites to help you plan your next trip in the U.S. and get the most out of your vacation.