The 7 Most Beautiful Beaches in the US

The United States is an interesting place for beach lovers. Traveling through the country will bring you face to face with some breathtaking and relaxing beaches. And it doesn’t matter if you love the beach because you surf, you swim, or just want to laze around. US beaches are always interesting, not only because of the beach wonders they offer but also because of the people who flock to these favorite destinations. If you’re planning to go around the US to beach hop, here are seven of the most beautiful beaches in the country you should check out.

1. Hawaii – Manele Bay Beach


Manele Bay Beach may be small, but it packs a lot of enchanting surprises for beach lovers. Located on the south coast of Lanai, particularly at the base of Four Seasons Lanai, this relaxing place boasts of a white sand beach. Aside from the almost perfect stretch of sand, Manele Bay Beach also offers a breathtaking view of the bay, so you can watch the boats glide in the water while waiting for the sun to set. Relaxing, don’t you think so? Likewise, the beach is part of a marine sanctuary and marine park, so you’re guaranteed to enjoy not only swimming but also snorkeling and marveling at the colorful marine wonders of the beach.

2. South Carolina – Myrtle Beach


Myrtle Beach is considered the largest resort located in the South Carolina Grand Stand area. With its silky white sand, the beach offers the same excitement that all the other attractions in the area promise to offer. If you want some relaxing fun after some action at the amusement park, Myrtle Beach can provide that for you. You’ll love to swim in its soothing waters, and you’ll want to relax and sunbathe while lying on its silky white sand. You can also try surfing and sailing if you want more action in your life.

3. Florida – Clearwater Beach


Tempting white sand, a beautiful view, the sunset, rows of restaurants, and clear blue waters. It’s the perfect weekend getaway, especially for those stressed out at work and in school. Its biggest come-on? According to beach lovers who have been there a couple of times, the white sand is so pure it feels like you’re stepping on fine powder.

4. Massachusetts – Nantucket


Imagine this: weathered white cottages, wild roses surrounding the area, cool and calm beach waters, and a breathtaking view. Wouldn’t you want to spend your day just lying on the sand and relaxing there? These are what you’ll find when you go to the beaches in Nantucket, Massachusetts, particularly the Surfside Beach and Children’s Beach.

5. Hawaii – Kauna’oa Bay


Hawaii is back on the list because, well, because it has awesome beaches! One of these is Kauna’oa Bay, which looks like something straight out of a beautiful postcard. Big swaying palm trees, cool and calm blue water, and white sand all surround the crescent-shaped beach. Perfect for families, sun and beach lovers, and those who want some water sports action.

6. Florida – Saint Pete Beach


A white sand beach with calm waters, it is ideal for families with young kids. The beach is always clean, and the sunset is beautiful.

7. California – Coronado


Perfect for surfers, bodysurfers, swimmers, and boogie boarders, this beach is always full of action. You’ll love the cool water and the white sand, especially in the early morning.

So, have you decided which beaches to try out?

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