Top 10 Must-Visit Places in the USA

America provides a whole world of places to explore. These iconic places all represent what America is. Each landmark makes up the educational material of the country as these famous destinations are a must-see when visiting the United States.

Here are the top must-visit places in the USA.

Times Square – New York City, New York

Visit the concrete jungle and visit Times Square. Tourists from all over the world travel just to experience the neon hub of the city that never sleeps. Despite the heavy crowds, several streets such as 42nd to 47th streets on Broadway are now pedestrian-only areas.

Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom – Orlando, Florida

Disney World’s the Magic Kingdom is a must-visit place for the kids and kids at heart. The Magic Kingdom represents a kind of America dream that comprises many cultures. Everyone is welcome to the fantasy world of Mickey Mouse and Cinderella with enchanting rides. The American imagination represents everything from the classic world of Fantasyland to futuristic Tomorrowland.

Mount Rushmore – Keystone, South Dakota

Mount Rushmore is the ultimate scale as the monumental mountainside embodies the boldest American monument. Visit the chiseled shrine of democracy as the sculpture features the four iconic U.S. presidents that made America. Take the presidential trail through the forest to get the best views of Rushmore.

Fenway Park – Boston, Massachusetts

As the oldest Major League Baseball Park, the Boston Red Sox have been playing at Fenway Park since 1912. Iconic Baseball legends like Babe Ruth, Carl Yastrzemski, and Ted Williams have all walked up to the bat here. Fenway Park is preserved in its old-fashioned glory of the American golden age.

French Quarter – New Orleans, Louisiana

With a mixture of cultures, the French Quarter of New Orleans is a vibrant area filled with cobblestone corridors, stored iron balcony railings, and lush courtyard gardens. Explore the rich history and musical culture of the city and travel through the musical passages.

Pike Place Market – Seattle, Washington

Today, Pike Place Market is a food lover’s destination where fishmongers sell their catch alongside the many restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, ethnic dinners and more. Check out the flower market with their cheap, yet gorgeous arrangements with crafts for sale. The Gum Wall on Post Alley is another hidden gem of Seattle as visitors can stick their used gum to “leave their mark” in the city.

Taos Pueblo – Taos, New Mexico

As UNESCO World Heritage Site, Taos Pueblo is a multistory, mud-and-straw Adobe that sheltered the Native Americans for almost a thousand years. It is the largest collection of multi-story pueblo swelling in the United States. It is said that the Taos Pueblo looks just as it did when the first Spanish explorers arrived in 1540.

Big Sur – California

Big Sur is filled with ancient forests, sea otters, and soaring condors. It is a famed retreat for artists and writers as the hike ridges offer stunning vistas and over three million acres of wilderness. Visit the idyllic beach and watch the seals and whales appear or camp out near the coastal Highway 1 on private campgrounds.

Grand Canyon – Arizona

The iconic Grand Canyon is larger than large as the landscape features endless sandstone canyon walls and welcoming adventures all year round. The 227-mile natural wonder offers vibrant splashes of color as the Colorado River traces the course.

Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco, California

Drive through the 1.7 mile-long, Art Deco Bridge that connects Marin County to San Francisco. The Golden Gate Bridge was built to stand strong against high winds and earthquakes. You can also visit the Bridge Pavilion for historical exhibits about the bridge.

Hollywood Sign – Los Angeles, California

When you think of California, chances are you envision the Hollywood signs that you see in countless movies. Since its development, the Hollywood sign defines the entire city. The fifty-foot, fluorescent white Hollywood sign sits on the Hollywood hills since 1923.

South Beach – Miami

South Beach, the modern Miami destination is a must-visit as the bronzed sand stretches along the Atlantic City. The streets are glowing neon lights from all the nightlife that surrounds the iconic American beach.

Grand Central Terminal – New York City, New York

Visit the Grand Central Terminal on East 42nd Street and view the Roman triumphal inspired facade. Pass through the Corinthian columns and arched windows where you will find the iconic clock for rushed commuters. The Grand Central Terminal is one of the largest, busiest, and most beautiful stations.

Las Vegas Sign – Las Vegas, Nevada

Visiting Sin City isn’t a complete trip without getting a picture in front of its iconic 50’s sign. The Las Vegas sign is a flashy, diamond-shaped sign that welcomes all visitors to their city of hedonistic streets.

Millennium Park – Chicago Illinois

Head down to Millennium Park and visit the fifty-foot-high glass tower. The Bean is also another structure with polished steel that provides great photos with fun reflections. You can also take a free tour of the five-acre Lurie Garden, an urban oasis of the great city.

Check out these must-visit places to see and tell us what you love about them!

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